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Company Description
The history of our company can be traced down to 1983. Since then we have been providing classic clocks with mature manufacturing process and high quality for customers all over the world through local distributor channels.
Now with the opening-up of China, we*re looking into more opportunities in serve our overseas customers with lower cost and quicker response. We cherish each opportunity to cooperate with overseas partners in exploring new markets. Any response or suggestions from you concerning the types of classic clocks or brass clocks that you*re interested in are highly appreciated.

Our company, Tianjin Qi Yuan Classic Clocks, Inc. locates in Tianjin, China, is manufacturing and exporting a variety of Classic clocks, especially Cuckoo Clocks that are all hand-made. All products are of good quality and fine workmanship. Classic Cuckoo clocks are rare and invaluable all over the world. We would like to work with you to market them in your country. Our Cuckoo clocks work accurately with 8 days solid brass movement; moreover, they are being made in state-of-art level so have high value for collection. Besides of these wooden Cuckoo clocks, we also present some brass clocks also in Old World Style.
Beyond the styles we*re manufacturing, we can also custom-made any Cuckoo Clocks or Brass Clock according to your special requirements.  

Contact information  
Company :  Tianjin Qiyuan clcok Co.,Ltd.
URL:  ********  
Phone:  0086 22 27423709
Fax :  0086 22 27494738
Country :  China
Address :  1.31 lingyin Road nankai District

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