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作者: yellowpage    時間: 2012-8-11 02:02     標題: E-spirit Solutions, Inc.

Company Description
We are a full service e-commerce consulting company that provides e-tailing, e-merchant, cybermediary, B2B and B2C services to small manufacturing companies in Asia.
Also, we provide several business services such as business research and analysis, risk management, new business development, and project management.

Jewelry, Furniture, Handicrafts, Apparel, Home Decors, Business Services

Contact information  
Company :  E-spirit Solutions, Inc.
Email:  Contact us  
URL:  ********  
Phone:  *********  
Fax :  *********  
Country :  Philippines
Address :  *********  

1.  Ceramic Roman Water Containers
2.  Hand-Made Fashion Jewelry
3.  Surfboard Pencil Holder
4.  Wood Carvings
5.  Wooden Duck Decoy

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