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Company Description

Lee Hanger Co.,Ltd. was established in year 1998 and located in Guilin which is the biggest wood hanger production base all over the world. Our factory is about 22800km2 with over 500 workers. Our output per month is about 1,500,000pcs hangers. Our main products are wood hanger, bamboo hanger, metal hanger and satin hanger.

Customer-zed hangers are welcome. We have been cooperating with international brand clothes retailers like JACOBS, LEE COOPER, etc. and some international groups like RICHARDS, AUCHAN, etc. for many years.

We have 10 professional QC staff to strictly inspect the whole production process (From design to purchase raw material, producing process, packaging, shipment, ect.) Every step is being kept under constant control in accordance with ISO9001 quality control systems.

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