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Company Description

We are manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Handicrafts Items in Brass, Aluminum, Wrought Iron, Beads which comprises of Casting / Sheet Metals & also in combination of Metal & Glass / Wood & Imitation jewellery, plastic jewellery, glass jewellery, brooches, earrings, necklaces & Candles.

Below are some of the products we are manufacturing in-house:-

Candle Stand / Holders, Tea light Holders, Pillar Holders.
Flower Vases, Pots, Planters, Pot Holders.
Tableware, Photo Frames, Bar Accessories, Cutlery.
Household Accessories, Bathroom sets.
Statues, Monument Replicas, Animals.
Souvenirs, Christmas Decorations, etc.  

exporter, indian, handicraft, gift, candle stand, brass, fases, beads, jewelery, glass, wood, horn, bone, shell  

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